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Free Diagnostic


We at Computer Sales are proud to be the only IT Company that offers 100% FREE diagnostic on your device. Whether it’s your iPhone, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop or whichever device, our diagnostics are free. Other service providers charges a “Deposit/Diagnostic” fee, which is never returned if your device cannot be fixed. We at Computer Sales would test & diagnose your equipment without charging you a dime. There are NO catch, NO risk, NO hidden cost, NO contract….NO SURPRISES! At Computer Sales we provide quality service that you can trust. Every device that comes into our shop receives a thorough diagnostic. Our team is known for our professionalism and friendliness. Our diagnostic service is offered in order to catch big problems earlier, and avoid even smaller repairs altogether. During a diagnostic, our certified technicians check for faulty hardware components and software throughout your device.

So how does this all work? You can bring your system in to us, or we can visit you at your location (there is a fee attached for onsite visits) our expert technicians would have a look at your system, running in-depth diagnostic and test to determine and identify the problem. They would then notify you and let you know what needs to be done and if there is a cost to fix the problem. You the customer can then decide whether you would want us to fix your device or not…You pay us nothing for diagnosing the problem. If your equipment is in an unrepairable state, you still pay us NOTINIG! You have just saved yourself some hard earned cash.

The sooner you bring your equipment in for diagnostic care, the sooner you can save yourself time and money. Overall Computer Sales wants our customers to leave satisfied, informed and confident. You will know that whatever caused the initial problem has been corrected or whatever upgrades are needed in the future to completely resolve the issue.So why not go ahead and give us a try, after all….You’ve got nothing to lose! Contact US Today.


  • Start up
  • Disk space
  • Drivers
  • RAM
  • Overall condition of hardware
  • Hard drive checks
  • Cables and connectors
  • Scan disk
  • Virus scan
  • Fan and Heating
  • Software